Thursday, 1 December 2011

Chess Print JSK and craft exchange

I recently purchased the Emily Temple Cute 'Chess Pieces' print jumperskirt in blue, this is the first brand new dress I have bought from ETC. I totally fell in love with the print and style of the jumperskirt. The material is a lovely light cotton that shows up the detail of the print fantastically. The dress is fully lined and features a ruffled chiffon hem on the lining. I really love the dark brown velveteen straps which give me licence to co-ordinate it with autumnal dark browns.
Jumperskirt: Emily Temple Cute
Blouse: Oasis
Jacket: Monsoon
Bag: Loris (Taobao shop)
Boots: Jane Norman
 I looked everywhere for the perfect tweed jacket (thats not too old fashioned and more brown than grey) I even considered buying the same Topman jacket that I bought my brother but thankfully it didn't fit. I know that would have been a serious mistake since the silhouette of men's jackets is completely different to women's and it would not have worked with any of my lolita dresses. Luckily I managed to find a nice tweed jacket in Monsoon, although I wasn't to keen on the elbow patches but I think they are growing on me ^_^. It was quite a pricey jacket and a couple of days later I found an equally nice (possibly more so) tweed jacket in Bershka >_> so it really pays to look around before you buy!

Close up of print and blouse detail
I really love how well the blouse works with the ribbon detail of the print, it was completely by accident and I almost returned the blouse because I didn't have anything to go with it so this was quite lucky.I wanted to wear this outfit to the Alice in Wonderland exhibit meet-up but unfortunately I was working that day so couldn't go, hopefully I will get to see the exhibit soon!

Also in August I participated in a lolita craft-exchange with fellow UK loli's, I got paired up with the wonderful and imensley talented Wai-yi. I asked if she could paint me picture of a lolita wearing Alice and the Pirates 'Midsummer Nights Dream' in Navy which is possibly my favourite print. Lets just say my jaw dropped when I saw the finished painting, it was beyond words!

I was absolutely astounded by the detail of the painting,  it's absolutely gorgeous. I couldn't have been more happier with my craft-exchange ^_^ In return I made Wai-yi a headress to match her Baby, the Stars Shine Bright 'Mother Goose' jumperskirt, as well as few deco sweet accessories. I really hoped she liked them, you can see more pictures of my craft exchange items at Wai-yi's blog. All-in-all I thoroughly enjoyed my craft exchange experience and I hope to take part in another one if I have time ;-)