Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Some new things...L'est Rose and Her Curious Nature

It's been some time since I made a lolita related post or any post in general really >.< In January I took part in EGL's Wardrobe theme for the first time, it was enjoyable to see other lolitas collections. My wardrobe was mainly Otome orientated with a few classic pieces. I've started to focus more on Otome fashion as of late, as I really love the quirky prints and flattering cuts. My current favourite dress would be the 'Strawberry Gobelin' print by Emily Temple Cute. I just love the gobelin fabric, its sort of like a woven tapestry.

That takes me on to my newest acquisition, another take on Gobelin fabric by Japanese brand L'est Rose. I don't know how to describe this brand really. It's very feminine and features a lot of floral designs, so I would say it is a mix of Gyaru, Otome and Mori aesthetics.

I found this dress on Mbok auction site and contacted me Shopping Service straight away. I believe it was from the 2012 Autumn/winter collection. I love the brown bow belt and brown tulle under lining, it works so well with the dark green and burgundy floral pattern. I don't think I will get many chances to wear it just yet as it looks as spring has arrived, finally after what seemed like an endless winter (*^_^*).

Whilst in Topshop I spotted a gorgeous concession brand by the name of 'Her Curious Nature' specialising in handmade (bespoke) hair accessories. The use of velvet flowers and ornate colours gave the accessories a very Dolly Kei feel.

I decided to purchase a floral aliceband, it was quite pricey at £28 but I think it was worth it compared to those sold at Grimoire which are a relatively similar price. At first I found it hard to decide which one to go for as every piece is different but I settled on the piece with more brown accents as it would match my L'est Rose dress more accurately. The attention to detail was amazing, the photos really doesn't do it justice. I hope I can maybe do a Dolly Kei inspired co-ord with by new dress and headband in the future.

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  1. tapestry/goblin is the way forward in life! loooll