Sunday, 16 February 2014

Angelic Pretty 'Classic Garden' (クラシックガーデン) Series

Today Angelic Pretty released a series called 'Classic Garden'. Normally I am not one for AP's sweet style but this classic design stood out to me. I love the textured Broderie Anglaise material and the cute design. It proves AP can do classic just as well as they do sweet. Both Jumperskirt and One Piece version come in 3 colours; White, Ivory and Black.
Classic Garden OP
I prefer the OP to the JSK in this series mainly because of the Peter Pan collar and the puffball sleeves. The Broderie Anglaise material makes this perfect for the springtime and adds to the classic feel. The bottom lace part is a thinner embroidered material.

Also I love how the top portion of the bodice is a more sheer material, the contrast of materials gives the neckline a more feminine appearance. Sheer fabrics are still very much in this season so AP are not missing out on this trend.

The collar bow and waist ties are removable so this dress can be worn quite casually too without a petticoat. Maybe for a nice picnic? who knows.

Classic Garden JSK
The Jumperskirt features cute bow detail on the bodice and the waist belt. I'm not sure but it looks like the waist bow could be an organza type material. Both the JSK and OP are 100% cotton which makes it ideal for spring/summer.

 The back of the JSK features a corset type lace-up as well as shirring to accommodate more sizes. I normally don't like lace-up backs for dresses but this one looks really tidy and suits the style of JSK quite well.

As I mentioned I really love the embroidered lace at the bottom, the JSK features two rows of lace instead of one like the OP.

Overall I really love this series, I hope AP Continue to make more in the same vein. Already this series has proved to be a hit, both the international and Japanese site has sold out of most of the OP's and the Ivory colourway of the JSK's. The OP version seems to be the favourite.

What do you think of this AP release?
If you like the design of the Classic Garden Series, many other classic brands have done a similar style:

Innocent World 'Frigg' Jumperskirt
Innocent World 'Roman Playing Cards' Op
Mary Magdalene 'Claudette' OP


  1. I really like this series^-^
    It's a bit untypical for AP to realease such classic pieces, but it's still very cute.
    I like the JSK version in black best. Looks very elegant♥
    though I also like the ivory OP version, but I hardly ever wear OPs

  2. Oh so beautiful >.< I love this series so much!!!!!!!

    恵美より ♥