Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A different take..

Recently I said I have purchased the Alice and the Pirates Operetta Bouquet jsk, I did so through mbok auction site and luckily got it for a much lower price (well not really that much lower after you factor shopping service charge and shipping). This is the first lolita item that I am really happy with, possibly since I've been oogling it up since it was released. I even wore it to work and to the farm (not a good idea!) but I've seen that BABY have re-released the print, at first I was a bit disheartened but I'm deffinately not fond of this new style jsk.
As much as i love the green fabric and the print, the dress looks a lot more cluttered than the original design. The bodice looks more corseted and 'pointy' at the bottom whereas the first release was quite loose at the bodice (I can say the bodice is quite big! it's really loose on me) So the fitted look of this jsk probably suits it better and will give a nice definition. The part absolutely hate is the underskirt lining, it could be white or beige you can't really say from the photos but I really dislike it. It cheapens the overall look and makes it look a bit messy, although I do like how they omitted the satin ribbon along the skirt. That would be the one part of the original design I was no too keen on as well as the white lace since the collar is a beige fabric. I'm curious to know whether the lace on the shoulder straps is white or beige. All in all I don't think this was much of an improvement but I'm glad Baby are experimenting with different colours and fabrics.

I most definitely cannot afford anything new now but if the opportunity arises I would definitely like to get hold of the matching green hairbows although I know they would never stay in my hair. I'm not entirely sure how these should be worn.

 Finally, I gotta say I've been extremely bored at home, hence making this blog but whatever keeps me occupied and literate I suppose.

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