Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Innocent World Lucky Pack

 After nearly 2 weeks of my LP arriving in the UK, I have finally received it (thanks customs >_>). A lot of people have already posted their LP's on egl and so far only 3 different varieties have been seen in the jsk pack. The print that has cropped up most is the Classical Chair with matching cape in the pink/blue and black colourway, then after that the Little Lady print was quite popular. This made me a little nervous as I wasn't very keen on either print (although I do like the jsk+cape combo). A few people also got plain colour jumperskirts, mostly those who ordered the black LP.

Thankfully when I opened my pack I was overjoyed to see I received the plain black jsk which I had been hoping for, a bolero (which I wasn't too keen on since I wanted a black fact it's the main reason I wanted to get the LP), and a black headbow instead of socks.

The jsk is beautiful quality, I couldn't find a single fault or loose thread unlike my Baby jsk which has loose threads everywhere and untidy buttonholes. The lining has a soft/silky feeling and it fits really well. The only thing I'm not really happy about is the neckline, it's a bit too high up and not very flattering. Also it's the long length version, which comes down a bit below my knees. I really love this length so I think any future IW jsk's I order will definitely be long length ones.

The straps have a popper button to attach them to one another and can be detached at the back, I'm not entirely sure what the purpose is for these detachable straps???

I was really hoping for a black blouse but got a bolero instead, it has 3/4 length sleeves and nice lace detail around the collar. I'm not sure of the material but it feels like acrylic which is surprising considering how nice the jsk material is.

The headbow is a simple back one with not much detail, it's really cute and not so overbearing. I'm glad I received this instead of the socks since I really don't wear knee socks.

All in all I'm quite happy with my lucky pack, I'm glad I chose to buy one since the jsk alone is about 25,000Y and I bought the whole pack for 15,750Y (+ customs charges of course >_<) so it's quite a good deal and 5% did go to the earthquake relief appeal. I probably wouldn't be getting another one though, unless it is an outlet lucky pack (I remember seeing some really great items there). It was really easy to order one and they sent a nice little thank you note with the pack, very sweet  of them ^_^ so I look forward to any future luck pack buying ;-)

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