Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Meta Lucky Pack

I recently received my Meta lucky pack but since EGL has been inundated with various lucky pack posts I thought I'd just post mine to my blog. I am aware that a few posts back I said I may be a bit hesitant to order any more lucky packs since it was a big gamble and I'm quite picky. Well ordering the Meta lucky pack was an extremely big gamble for me as I do not own anything from the brand nor have I seen any items up close.

Also, I should point out that I am quite new to this lucky pack thing so I stupidly assumed that I would be getting either one of the packs pictured as an example (refer to previous post) clearly this was not the case and hardly anyone who posted the contents of their LP to egl got what the examples showed. Although when I opened my pack I was pleasantly surprised but I think over time I may decide to sell some of it, as I did with my Innocent world LP (I only kept the headbow from that). Here's what I got:
I got the black bag which I was really happy about!
Cream cutsew, which I preferred over the short sleeve blouse

A selection of bloomers, which I'm not too keen on :(
A little flannel, cute Fruit Punch socks in pink and a plastic bow necklace
The cream and gold 'Old Rose' skirt went well with the cutsew
Although I got some odd items, i.e. the socks. I think they managed to match the set quite well, the cream, red and gold go quite well together. I think I might be selling some of these items since I don't wear fully shirred skirts (I prefer to tuck my blouses/cutsews in so it would look quite messy). I'm quite busy at the moment so I'll probably bring a few things to the lolita bring and buy sale to be held at Hyper Japan later this month.

Speaking of Hyper Japan, my friend Nazia (Kawaii Kandee) got into the final, taking place on Sunday. I'm so happy for her ^_^ she's got a great performance planed for Sunday so I can't wait to see it. Please take a minute to vote for if you can here.

Recently Chaudie, writer for a predominantly gyaru based magazine called Tokyo Catwalk asked me to contribute lolita related articles to their magazine. I believe the magazine is branching out to incorporate other Japanese fashion styles and sub-cultures so I'm really excited to be a part of it. Hopefully I can think of some interesting topics that lolitas and non-lolitas will be interested in reading.


  1. Whoa! You got some really great things in the lucky pack! I wish I had gotten one now haha. I love the possible cutsew with skirt coordination, I think it works really well and the red necklace is a lovely touch ^^

  2. Yer I do love the cream combination its a bit different. I think I might sell these items though because its not something that suits me :(

  3. awwwso cute!

    found you through lolita lifestyle worldwide in FB
    hope you can give me a visit too. <3


  4. Thank you Justine,
    I already follow your blog ^_^ its great!!